Young Hot Shot FAT SHAMES Pitcher During Baseball Game (VIDEO)

What has the world come to people!?

Cubs and Dodgers fans alike were appalled after witnessing a base public display of hostility by Cubs superstar Henry Rowengartner at Wrigley Field on Monday.

This young man not only viciously fat shamed another player on the field, but did it loud enough for the entire stadium to hear.

The video clearly shows Rowengartner repeatedly hurling lewd and aggressive comments toward the pitcher of the opposite team. Rowengartner is relentless in his attempts to disgrace and shame the victim, making unwarranted, negative remarks on the pitcher’s buttock size.

Who does this guy think he is!? He has absolutely NO RIGHT to validate or invalidate the beauty and grace of the victim’s body!

We have seen a lot of fat shaming online in the last few months from the playboy playmate who snapchatted that nude photo of a woman at her gym, to that YouTube star who published the “Dear fat people” video but this is JUST TOO MUCH!!!

In light of the recent controversy, Pepsi has announced that it is dropping its sponsorship of Rowengartner. Claiming that the “obscene and abhorrent comments by [Rowengartner] do not reflect the moral standards that Pepsi adheres to.”

Let’s take a page from Pepsi’s book shall we? This incident is no micro-aggression folks. We need to stand up as a society and say enough is enough!

Below is video footage of the deplorable act.